Monday, August 27, 2007


Well I got my injury.. My cousin Brian broke his collar bone and shoulder in a motorcycle accident a couple weeks ago, and my cousin Laura broke her foot... Now I broke... my baby toe. Not as glamourous but still a pain in the foot. And I can't do anything about it.
Nice huh? ugh..

Well on the crochet front Im still working n that Silk halter dress/top Im on the back now. I hope it works out. I think I'll put in a zipper on the side. Also, Im getting closer to having my website done. Grant, the wonderful webmaster, has been working diligently in between his multiple jobs and 6 month old baby Mark. I've finished some new patterns as well. Including "My Imaginary Friend Tiger" or Hobbes, and the "Haberdashing Collection"(Thanks to Richard for the clever name)
here's a peek at the collection...
Diamonds Hat

Abba-esque Hat

Cabled Ski Bunny Hat

Another new pattern is the "Summer Lovin Halter"..

Now I did make these things last year, but I just never got around to finishing the patterns. I'm working on putting an amigurumi collection together with the Seahorse, Starfish and something else, but I just have to think of something else good to make and write up. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I finally got a real "9 to 5" job!! I'm working at the same company as my mom, but in another office. It may only be temporary. The Branch Coordinator is taking a leave of absence for like 3 months so the receptionist is doing her job and I'm replacing the receptionist. Tho I will have 9-3 on Saturdays as my own, for the next few months I'll be working 40 hrs/week. I hope this will become permanent but I wont cry if it doesn't, Ill still be able to do the Temp thing. I can't wait till I get my first check so I can pay bills and stop worrying so much.

My brother-in-law Richard recommended I check out the local WAKA(World Adult Kickball Association) I thought that would be kool, he enjoys playing and being wacky with his fellow Awesome Helicpter Ninjas but I was kinda dissappointed when I loooked at the other teams, they all had boring names. Granted they can't all be as cool as the ninjas, but I was hoping for more imagination than "The Brew Crew". Bah, maybe when I actually have the funds to join I'll create my own team. I'll just have to start thinking of a good name.

and here's a quiz!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What kind of yarn are you?

What Kind of Yarn are You?

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Viv, books, and crochet disappointment.

My cute little niece came to visit this weekend, my sister & brother-in-law came too, but she was the most important part, and she'll tell you so too. It was fun holding her and cuddling her. It was amazing that she could be so upset one econd and I pick her up and hold her and she calms down, it was pure magic. Sunday night I took Sara & Richard for their first night out without Viv, leaving her with Grandma Susan & Grandpa Bob. We went out to karaoke, and found a decent place around the corner that does Karaoke every night. The second Sara & Rich left the table to sing a duet a couple young guys swooped in to hit on me. It was cute, they were young but I was nice to them even thugh I wasnt interested.

Monday I went in to OfficeTeam, which is a temp agency here. I signed up with them and took their assesment tests. I did much better than their average on everything except the 10-key numeric data entry, which I've never done before. Hopefully Ill be able to get some jobs soon. Thursday I'll be going in to interview at my mom's company for a job at one of their other offices. It may only be for 3 months while the other person is on leave, but it could turn into something. If not I can still do the temp thing with OfficeTeam.

Since I finished Harry Potter 7 I've been itching for a new book that I havent read yet.. And I had just received a great gift from the parents of those fabulous kitties in Vail(Victor, Mitzi, Puck & Lilli), they sent me a 30$ gift card to Borders! So today I decided to check it out. I got 2 books...

I read reviews for both of these in Entertainment Weekly and Ive wanted to get them since then. I hope theyre good.

While I was in the store, I went to look for crochet mags or new books. The magazines were sad. Only 1 crochet mag, "Crochet Today" which is a new one, but it's practically sponsored by Lion Brand, and it looks it.. I dont have a problem with inexpensive yarn, but I do have a problem when it looks "Cheap". The thing on the cover was bulky and unattractive and soooo boring. I didnt even pick it up to look inside. And all the other yarn related magazines have stopped even trying to include crochet anymore. So I went to check out the books, and I wasnt expecting much, it is a regular book store so they dont normally have a wide range of crafty books. Hell even the yarn stores here have hardly any crochet books. So I found this...

I remember when the knitting one came out, I was working at Knitting Arts and it made a big splash because it was soo new and different. But when we got her individual patterns which included some crochet things, I wasnt too impressed. So I went to this unsure what to expect. It was ok, it starts out way simple, which Ive come to expect from new crochet books. But then I started to recognize things. The garments were all unimaginatively named after the stitches they used, "Catherine-Wheel wrap, "Margeurite top" or whatever.. I was so not surprised when I flipped to the back to see the bibliography and the first thing there was "The Harmony Guides Vol6: 300 Crochet Stitches". I was kinda annoyed, because I could have written this. I've made tons of things using stitches from that book, its my bible. Ive gone through 2 copies already. I know there are crocheters out there that might not know how to make things up as they go along, and need patterns written for them but I just thought that someone with that big a name in the crafty world would try a little harder. Eithher that or I'm just too good a crocheter for those kind of books.. I just wish someone out there would make books for experienced crocheters that want to broaden their skills. There's soo many knitting books that are for advanced knitters but crochet books only seem to address beginners with some intermediate content. With the exception of thread-crochet. That is advanced and I highly admire those with the patience to work with such itty-bitty hooks and delicate work. My hands and sanity just can't take it. Well if you've been looking at that Loop-d-Loop crochet book but havent bought it yet, I recommend you just get the Harmony Guide Vol. 6 maybe even Vol. 7 220 more crochet stitches. You'll learn more from them than you will from the other and they're cheaper too.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, now its officially depressing. Im now getting calls from the credit card companies demanding payment, and I can't even afford to pay half the minimums. All but 1 of my cards is late & over the limit and that one is exactly at the limit.. And I had an interview yesterday for a part-time kennel staff position at a cat shelter, and I probably wont even get that. Yup I can't even get a job changing catboxes. Wooo. And to add salt to my wounds, the one thing that has kept me from dying of boredom, playing World of Warcraft, has now been taken from me. I had it charging one of my cards like every 3 or 6 months I can't remember but times up now and I cant login. Sorry to bring you all down. If you want happy go read Sara's blog. She has cute baby pictures. I might have some cute baby pictures since Sara, Richard and the evercute Vivian are visiting this weekend. So dont give up on me, i might have something non-depressing to post soon.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So today while I was walking Lenny, I noticed some jerks had TP'd the front yard of this house on his street. And they had it all over this spikey agave plant and in a tree and stuff. All I could think was what a pain in the ass it would be to try and clean that at night after it had rained, which Im sure it will at some point today... So Lenny and I went over and cleaned it all up. Luckily they didnt do a very good job and many of the rolls were still mostly together. So I got free toilet paper out of it!

In other news I finished HP7 but I will not be giving anything away here. That would just be evil. But I thoughly enjoyed it.

I'm thinking of taking my friend Mel's advice and setting up an Etsy store, even if eventually I just have it point to Maybe I can even sell some stuff I make. It will have to wait awhile as I can't even afford to let it do a pre-auth on any of my credit cards at the moment. But I've got a couple overnight pet-sitting jobs coming up s maybe I'll be able to pay them this month. I watched this show on A&E the other day "Big Spender", where this guy comes in and tries to help you get a person's debt & overspending under control. Well this epsode was crazy this lady was truly an addict. Not only had she ruined her and her husbands credit, but she took out cards in her children's names and sibling's names and owed her parents money. Her debt was over $165,000 not including their mortgage. It made me feel better. im only like 10,000 in the hole. If I can ever get another job; which I've been applying to everything I can on Monster, CareerBuilder &; I might get out of this crap..