Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it bad that...

I was totally distracted by Hilary's turquoise jewelry on the debate tonight? I did listen to everything she and Barrack Obama said but I couldnt take my eyes off her jewelry. I loved it!! Not only is she intelligent, earnest and witty, but that girl can accessorize! This was an interesting debate. Since it was just her and Obama there wasnt any chance for ganging up on anyone. With the exception of the B word. But I think he deserves it. Im totally behind Hilary but I think if Barrack were to win it wouldnt be horrible. The only thing that worries me about that is Oprah gaining that much more power. I mean really, the woman is cool and all but she just is starting to give off that Evil Empire vibe. Her new network will be called OWN for crying out loud. Maybe it's the teenage rebel in me but I just never trusted anything that soooo many people followed blindly.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Crochet

I finished my fingerless mitts for my CLF book submission. And now Im working on a pair of socks. I like them, I just did the heel last night and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I play a bit more and decide. Here is what they look like before I did the heel.
Ooh and yesterday I got a message on Ravelry asking for my permission to be featured in the next issue of Crochet Insider. They liked my Hollywood Starlet Purse.
I think it will have a pic and link on their gallery page. Hey every bit helps!

Monday, January 14, 2008

some crochet

So I've been working alot on my submission for the CLF book. I finished my prototype on Friday, so Saturday I decided to go to Kiwi Knitting to get some yarn to do the finished product in. I had bought a nice hank of Buckingham alpaca/silk blend at Purls last weekend but because I didnt have a scale at home I wasnt sure it would be enough. So I brought my prototype with me and they weighed it at Kiwi for me. Turns out I might have enough to do it with the alpaca/silk but I thought I'd look around and get 2 balls of something just to be safe, since Purls didnt have 2 hanks of that alpaca/silk in the color I liked. So I bout some Crystal Palace Panda Silk. It's very yummy and shiny. I got it in the "Jade Tones". When I got home and tried it out tho, I decided not to use it for this project because I thought the varigation didnt work with the cables. But I think I will do another similar project with them after. So instead I started using the alpaca/silk and it's going to be very nice. I cant wait till Im done.

And I checked out Crochet Me the other day and found this. It was so cute I had to make one.
Pepper liked him too, and kept trying to steal him and the yarn I used.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

bad blogger

Looks like Ive been a bad blogger again. Well X-mas went ok. My Mom and Bob both had the consumption for X-mas. So I got to play the part of Mom while people visited. Yeah I dont want to be a mom I dont like playing one either. But it was ok, the food was good. I made these yummy Garlic Gratin Potatoes and made them again the other night. To die for.

Ive been spending most of my time on Ravelry. They got free downloads up and I added the linkies here for anyone who wants them. You dont have to be on Ravelry to access the downloads either. Soon I will be able to sell my patterns through Rav and it will be sooooo nice.

Work has been crazy. Now that the holidays are over we've got all these deals to work on and I've got a big pile of files on my desk.

and thats about the It.