Monday, January 15, 2007


Pretension,nothing in the world bugs me more. Like in "Steel Magnolias", "An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure". I went to a cookie party last night and I made these very good cookies with white chocolate chips, walnuts and ground up bits of Malibu Rum flavored milk chocolate. They were good. There were tons of cookies so everyone was encouraged to take a few of each kind home. Well when this one girl was leaving, as she was told to take some of mine, she said "Oh no we don't eat white chocolate". As if it were below her. It just drove me mad. I don't care if its not "Real" chocolate. Who gives a crap? Its a bloody misnomer, don't blame the cookies! It was just a tiny little thing but pretentious jerks like that drive me batty. Maybe it's from my over exposure to goth posers but I can't stand pretension.

And no my yarn snobbery does not count. I don't look down on people who buy acrylic. I just feel sorry for them. And can't understand that if you can afford better why you don't get something that wont make you sweat. And the washable thing is not a good excuse, that's what cotton is for, and there are plenty of washables that have low acrylic percentages. RYC Cashsoft, or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino? These things can be found on sale. And Blue Sky Cotton is machine washable and dryable and comes in glorious colors for the whole family. So =P.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Ok, now that Sara has made her announcement, I can gush! I'm going to be an aunt again! They've nicknamed the baby Pumpkin, which is just so cute. Tho I hope its a girl cuz I just want to make all these cute pumpkin things, and if it's a boy I'm going to feel like the aunt in Christmas Story that made the bunny outfit.

Here's a couple hats I made for Pumpkin while I was at Sara's for X-mas.

I'm so excited. I'm soo happy for Sara & Richard. I know they'll make the best parents.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Time to play catch up

Whew, its been a crazy couple of weeks. We went to my sister, Sara's, for X-mas. It was fun, we made tamales from scratch. Sara did the hard work but we all assembled them together. My brother in law, Richard, made this heavenly green chili gorn chowder, that I have to get the recipe for.

When we got home from Sara's we packed up Bob's big truck and drove down to Tucson to pick out a house. The drive down took forever, because his giant, heavily laden truck was only getting like 9 miles to the gallon so we had to stop every hour to refill, and he could only go 60mph. So we had to stop in Buttonwillow for the night at a pretty janky little motel, that was supposed to be a 2 room suite. So that I wouldnt have to try to sleep next to Bob who snores like a freight train. But it looked like it used to be 2 rooms that they knocked the wall down between put 2 fulls on one side and a couch on the other. I tried to sleep for a little while, then moved to the couch. I was in a deep dreaming sleep when his snoring woke me up. I got so annoyed I went out to the car. Problem being it was 32 degrees out. I found myself reminding myself of Survivor Man episodes.Cocooned in the blanket, wiggling my toes, I was only out there a little while before my mom insisted I come in. She sat up with the tv on so I could get back to sleep. The next day we drove for like 12 hours or so to get there, my mom insisting she didnt need me to take over driving. So we finally got to my aunt Leslie's house at 10:30pm New Years Eve. We watched the ball drop and promptly passed out. My aunt Leslie, can rival us for animal love, while we have 7 cats, she has 5 dogs (3 Boxers, 2 rat terriers), 3 cats (2 siamese, 1 abyssinian), 1 bird, and 2 1/2 horses ( one of those cute miniature horses). So over the course of a few days we went to see 18 houses. We found 2 we liked and 1 we liked better. We put in our offer and got it.Here's some pictures...
You can't tell from this picture, but the security door has a Kokopelli on it. And just inside the front door, theres a mosaic of a kokopelli on the floor. It's a 1871 sqft house which is much bigger than we have now, and the lot is huge!

Here's the big kitchen, with pass throughs to the living and family rooms.

This is a tri-level with the master bedroom down stairs, and the 3(!) other bedrooms upstairs. I will likely knock the wall out of the 2 front rooms to make a larger room for myself. And we'll still have a craft room/ guest room.

This is the fabulous pool, doesnt it look like there should be a model sunning herself on that raised platform? There are spiggots there where water flows back into the pool.