Saturday, September 30, 2006

Spa Escape take 1...

Well, I held my first Spa Escape for my BeautiControl stuff. It was almost a bust. I invited everyone from work and we held it at the store after hours and it ended up being Me, my mom, the owner and Gunilla my webmistress. It was still fun, and in a way it's probably good it wasnt crazy, as I gave blood yesterday and this morning I passed out in the shower and seriously messed up my back and bruised my tailbone. So I was a tad out of it. I got some practice and I know what I need to brush up on and what I need to have next time, I just hope there will be a next time. Right about now I could really use an long bath with the Luxuries of the Sea bubble bath and masque, but I dont have my bath tub back yet. =( I'll have to make due with a glass of wine and bed..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Isnt it cuuute?! I love it. It will soon be a craftkitten pattern.
On the homefront, my bathroom has been ripped out and is in disarray, the new tub just went in yesterday, but thats it, Bob was working on tinting and laquering the family room floor today, so it was really stinky.
Im having wacky dreams again.. Tho last night it was a happy one. My sister, Sara, was pregnant again and healthy, it made me happy. Im sure it will happen soon. I want her to be happy and healthy again so bad. Please send her healthy vibes and thoughts so we can help her along.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a word of advice

Do not eat 3 day old leftover Palak paneer. It's a bad idea. Especially when your stepfather is ripping out your bathroom. And no its not Ecoli. Its not that bad, but it still aint fun. To clear those lovely images from your head here are some lovely finished objects...

This is my "Hollywood Starlet Purse". Isn't it cute? 2 hanks of Colinette "Tao" and an adorable purse frame from Sunbelt. The dress is vintage 40's linen, that I havent been able to fit in for awhile.

This is my "Elle 7 Bag" made with granny squares put on an angle, done with 2 balls of Diakeito "Rococo", a self striping yarn better than Noro's "Kureyon".

I also finished a new amigurumi kitty. But my mom needs to embroider on the nose and whiskers before I can take pics.

I recently developed a case of kitten fever... I was driving past the Petco in Los Gatos on my way home on Sunday, and there was a sign "Kitten adoptions" I sooo almost swerved right in. So I begged my mom to get another kitten, but I cant until we get to Arizona. Which is probably a better thing cuz then the cats will be les territorial cuz the new place with just come with the new kitten.. Is it bad that I have a name picked out already?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Super Fun Happy Dream

So after all my talk of supper fun happy post, I ended up having the superest fun happy dream. Me and my whole family we vacationing in Egypt, and my friend Mel told me about a yarn store there where she bought this fabulous horizontal spinning wheel and I was in some random store and a girl behind the counter was knitting and I talked to her about crochet and the yarn store, and thenMagick was there she had come back to me and everything was super fun happy. I didnt want to wake up, but I did and I was in a very good mood. I think this could come true some day. I know Magick will come back to me some day, I know it's hokey but I believe in reincarnation, and with cats it can happen fast within your lifetime. So I expect to see that glimmer of Magick in another kitten's eye someday. And I will take her home and love her all over again. I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Super fun happy post?

So Ive been avoiding you my bloggy friends.. My last few posts were kinda downers and I thought I should write a super fun happy post to make up for it, but I wasnt feeling it. Ive finished a few crochet things that Im happy with but I just cant get with it. I picked up Magick today, her box is really pretty. As soon as I brought it home I put it on her pillow and laid down, and DeDe came and sniffed it and head butted it and rolled over purring and she laid with me. It's hard to be depressed when faced with this...

Thank the cat gods for sending her to me when I really needed her.