Friday, March 14, 2008

NATCROMO & Kitty Lovin Hookers CAL

So this month is National Crochet Month. There's been alot going on on Ravelry, there's even a party group set up just for it. I also started a CAL(Crochet A-Long) for my Kitty Lovin Hookers group that Im going to continue each month. We'll be making cat toys & cat beds to donate to a different charity each month. I even wrote up 2 new patterns for it. This "Chirp at the Birdie" cat toy:
And this "Kitties All Around" cat bed:

Im selling the pattern as a collection of these 2 and the Here Fishy Fishy pattern on Etsy and giving $2.00 per sale to the KLH charity of the month. I set it up on Ravelry and on Etsy last night and so far have 3 sales!!