Sunday, September 23, 2007

FO, Baby visit, and new store.

Finally finished the silk halter, didnt have enough yarn to make a dress but its a good tunic length. I still have to line it and add a zipper but that will have to wait till I can afford to buy fabric and a zipper. It's not like I can spend all this time making a silk top and line it with muslin or cheap cotton. So it will just have to wait. In other crochet news, I decided to make an Etsy shop to sell my patterns and stuff. I figure when the full website goes up I'll maybe make some of the things and sell the finished items there and link to the full site for the patterns.And today I made my first ever sale on Etsy! I sold one of my Bags by Numbers patterns.

I got a great little visit from My sister Sara, and my Niece Vivian this weekend. They flew down wednesday and then Richard drove down Saturday. She's getting so big and now she can smile and make googly eyes. Saturday night Sara, Richard and I went out to karaoke and let the grandparents babysit. It was fun and nice to get out.