Thursday, July 26, 2007

craft updates

Ok, I know I havent talked about it much, but I have been crafting. Im currently woring on a stew recipe to submit to AntiCraft. I know not even a crochet thing! But in crochet news, we can now mourn the loss of the Seahorse.. I was trying to write out the pattern and had it by the monitor but was having computer issues so I went out to the pool. The next day I found it like downstairs like this..

I do have more yarn and I did want to make another to test the pattern but still, must everything be a cat toy??

The other project I've been working on is a halter top or dress depending on how much yarn I have..

It's out of this gorgeous worsted weight hand dyed Tussah silk I bought at Knitting Arts back in Saratoga. Its very yummy, and I still have 2 more hanks that are about 335yds each.
Thats all for now..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More good news.

Not only am I behind and over the limit on all my credit cards, but I got the results of my recent Dexa bone scan. I have mild Osteopenia in my hip and moderate Osteopenia in my spine, so I have double the risk of a hip fracture and 4x the risk of a spine fracture. Maybe if I break my back I'll be able to pay my bills. FUN.
Sorry for the sarcasm and crappy news but sometimes you just need to spit it out.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The sky is falling

This isnt a great picture as I took it with my phone as I was driving home from Vail this afternoon. I was taking care of these adorable kitties Victor, Mitzi, Puck and Lilli. I took care of them previously in April and im lucky enough to do it again. While I was there a massive storm rolled in and I watched it with them from the back door. It was crazy windy and the lightning was fantastic, at one point I saw 2 bolts strike parallel to each other, it was crazy. But on my way home it was drier at first then I saw that.. It really looked like the sky was falling. When I got up to that area it really was falling. It was raining soo hard I couldnt see out the windshield, it was literally greyed out. When it first happened I slowed down even more than I had already and ended up on the side of the road without even trying. I freaked and called my mom and then realized that the side of the road was starting to flood. So I started off again behind someone who had stopped in front of me. I went through maybe one light and it got bad again and I saw an area that was paved where others were waiting it out, so I stopped for awhile. I got the defrost on and it let up a bit so I started again this time behind a neon yellow mustang. I knew Id be able to see it and if it could go through a puddle then Id know I could. Eventually I made it home I think id like to watch these storms from the comfort of my house from now on..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I've been tagged!

Mel of Remarkable Cow has tagged me with this lovely prize and I am honored. I think I now get to tag some lovely ladies I believe should be rockin girl bloggers as well. She already tagged my sister, Sara so thats why I wont tag her..

Teresa of Mary-Magdalenes Moments creepy blog name aside(EDIT:it has now been changed), she is my younger sister and a good crafty girl. You should see the adorable little dresses she sewed for Vivian (theyre marked as Teresa's dress 1-8)

Marie of Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler A great knitter and decent crocheter as well. She's a fabulous knit/crochet teacher and great with children. Her patience and grace are astounding.

April of The Weaving Inn A great blogger, her posts frequently make me rofl. She used to crochet alot but then was bitten by the sock knitting and lace knitting bugs.

hmm, i dont read enough blogs then I guess, since Mel & Sara are already tagged I guess Ill only tag 3 instead of 5..

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Vivian is Here!!

Born 6/29/07 6lbs 2oz
OMG she's sooo cute. I can't wait till she can come home. Right now she's in the NICU since she was born at 34 weeks. But she's big for 34 weeks. We're hoping she may be able to come home by the end of the week.