Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sara's Shower

So, its finally over so now I can talk about all the crocheting ive been doing for the last few months! I added links with pics to my completed projects. Vivi's Hobbes was a little hard on me since I had to use a smaller hook that with Marks because I used cotton this time instead of Cashsoft. Its still nice and cuddly tho. I kept taking breaks from it to make other little things, like the hats and little dress. I can't wait to see her in those. along with crocheted stuff I also gave her a pastel drawing I had done awhile ago for an art class, it just happened to be a still life of pumpkins!

So now what I'm doing is an amigurumi seahorse. i had wanted to do one forever ago, but couldnt figure it out. While working on Hobbes I got an idea so now Im trying it. I need to figure out a way to increase in a cone more evenly tho..Its making my head hurt with scary math. Plus the yarn i have to make it is Filatura Brilla so again with the small hook. =T
On the job front, I havent heard from any of the places Ive applied to in awhile including the vet I applied at and thought i did well on the interview.. Oh well. I also havent heard from the yarn store down the road, they got bought out and changed owners. So I thought Id see if the needed a crochet teacher, which they dont have. I guess they dont want one either. =T I might try advertising as a teacher, but I just dont want to end up driving all over for privates..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Imperial Majesty Jennifer the Somnolent of New Scagglethorpe
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

A friend of mine sent me this.. I think it fits. now if only that title came with land I'd be set.

On the crochet front, Im almost done with Hobbes so hopefully Ill have him ready for the shower. I take pics when he's done and post them after the shower.

My website is currently under construction, I cant wait for it to be going again. it needed a face lift and the time was up on the other server so I begged my friend Grant to fix it and he is also hosting it on his server. Once it's up I hope to send out brochures to stores to try and get them to carry my patterns and maybe Ill convince my lovely sister, Sara, who is a public relations queen, to write me up a good press release to send to the big crochet magazines so that maybe I can get some press.