Sunday, March 11, 2007

When not in Outland...

I do actually do things in the real world. Today we took a trip to Home Depot, probably our 3rd this week. My mom and I decided to buy some marigolds to put around my herb garden i planted. So we got this big flat of orange ones and 4 little things of yellow ones. Here's the herb garden...
In the herb garden I have catnip, spearmint, chocolate mint(i swear it tastes and smells just like chocolate mint!), garlic, oregano, cilantro, thyme, pineapple sage, regular sage and cinnamon basil.

I had a few marigolds left over, so I put the rest out front with some other plants my mom got for next to the front door.

We all decided that it would be nice to barbecue some burgers and hot dogs for dinner tonight since its nice outside. But just our luck, the barbecue that Bob had bought at Home Depot awhile ago and paid extra to have assembled was put together wrong. And when he went to turn on the gas he almost blew himself up. So he spent quite some time trying to put the barbecue together correctly, so he didn't have time to put the patio table together... So I became the Tool Belt Diva!

And it worked and everything I even climbed on top to make sure.

And after I had time to relax by the pool.