Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday fun

This is me and my mom at her office X-mas party. It was pretty fun. They had good food and a Casino night with all proceeds going to the Children's Miracle Network. The only bad thing was the cash bar. I would have been ok with it but the drinks were ridiculously expensive. I paid 6.50 for a Malibu & Pineapple. That's worse than hoighty toighy places on SF or LA..

Monday my Mom,Aunt Leslie and Uncle Mark got to go to the local radio station's holiday concert. My uncle's piano company provided the piano for Ingrid Michaelson and Brandi Carlisle to play so they got tickets. It was pretty fun. Ingrid Michaelson was fantastic but after her set when I went to get her cd, it took sooooo long at the ATM (I think it ran on a 28.8 baud modem or something)and it was sooo crowded because she was signing that they sold out before I could get one. The Brandi Carlisle performed with the Indigo Girls, that pretty much rocked. At one point when we were going in my mom ran off and when I found her I had to tell her that with her haircut she cant just run off and expect me to find her at an Indigo Girls concert. After their set I bought a couple cd's for my mom. Then KT Tunstil performed and it was fun. She's hilarious. But I couldnt understand what she was singing on any of the songs I didnt know because the drums kept drowning her out.

I'm doing a good amount of crochet but I cant show or talk about it until its been given. I'm spending most of my time on Ravelry and I can't wait till it goes public. Then I'll be able to sell my patterns just through them and I think it will be better and less expensive than Etsy.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Winter not-so-Wonderland

Things have been wacky out here lately. The weather as gone from 79 and sunny to 50 and windy/cold/rainy and a matter of days and it could go back next week.. I've been working on some crochet projects for christmas and Im almost done as long as I dont decide to do more. I'm also participating in a Secret Santa for my favorite crochet group on Ravelry, I even got the first part of my present from my secret santa. I'm not quite finished with my present to send out. But I hope she'll like it.

Today I went to the chistmas party for my pet-sitting job. They had it at PF Changs which was nice, but they had us out on their patio, I assume because it was such a large group. It was pretty cold despite the many heaters because the wind kept creeping in. It was kinda fun, I won a little prize for charades (a battery-powered shoe shiner, obviously been regifted at least once). And we had a Bad Santa game where we picked a present and people could steal it. I got a 7 piece Olive oil set, its a long plate for bread, and olive oil bottle little plates for dipping and a little holder. Nobody stole mine. It came from Costco so I'm going to try to return it as it just doesnt match any of our stuff and its not like we really entertain.

My mom has been ultra-sick for over a week, coughing, sore throat, ickyness, fever. I keep making her drink this Vitamin Waters either the Defense or Power-C and yelling at her if she tries to do too much. Hopefully I dont end up getting it. I can't afford to get sick.

Today Bob and I went to get our Christmas tree before my party. We went to Home Depot.Last year we didnt get one because we were moving and went to Sara's, so last time we got a tree was 2 years ago in San Jose. The Home Depot there put their trees in the covered nursery area. For some reason here they put them in the parking lot, uncovered. It was pouring rain today and frakking cold. I didnt think they would do this so I was dressed warmly with my warm coat on, but no hood and no umbrella. There was absolutely no cover out there not even while in line to pay or get the tree cut. I was so cold and miserable. Luckily the cashier worked pretty fast so it didnt take too long, but ick. I'm totally allergic to cold.

Back to crocheting...