Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spector Trial

So, I watch alot of CourtTV, and Ive been following the Spector Trial. In case youve been living under a rock, this Music Mogul who was big in the 60's is accused of shooting Lana Clarkson, an actress who was in alot of 80s movies, in the mouth at his "Castle" in Alhambra, CA. The defense is just laughable so far. The lead council is more offensive than the defendant, so much so that after cross-examining only 2 witnesses he was yelled at by the judge for being a jerk and now he hasnt spoken since. No theyre trying to say she commited suicide. Yeah, she met some random weirdo and decided to go back to his place after a long night of work and blow her brains out with a gun that doesnt belong to her. One, women statistcally just dont shoot themselves in the head, especially in the face. Two, if you are going to commit suicide you do it alone, usually in a place you feel comfortable. But she may have been depressed at sometime in her life so she had to do it..

Just for the record in case there ever is any doubt, no matter how upset or depressed I ever get, I will not commit suicide. I know how much it can hurt the people I love and I wouldnt do that to them. Not to mention as afraid of the bad things that happen in life I might be, I still enjoy life too much to lose it. So now, if anyone ever claims that I committed suicide point them here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look before you leap.

I should have thought of that... I went on another interview today. The place was on the other side of town and it sounded like a distributor of stuff. I didnt think anything of it as one of my first jobs was with Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co. working in a warehouse where they distributed bags of dried fruit, nuts and candy and then the sold it to local offices. Well I get there and at first I think its strange because one of the other girls there to apply in asking the receptionist questions on how to fill out the applications says that she didnt finish highschool in Mexico, and she barely speaks english. But I knew they were hiring for a variety of jobs so I let it go. The guy doing interviews comes out to take another girl and right away he turned me off. He reminded me of Aaron Eckhart's character in "Thank You For Smoking" but not as likable. So when my turn comes up I was good it was short and I end up with a 2nd interview scheduled for Thursday. Mostly its an all day thing where I shadow someone from 9-5. I said ok, and when I left I called my mom to tell her about it. So she went on Google and searched for the company. (what I should have done before applying but oh well)The very first thing that comes up is on a site called Where a guy details how he worked there did the 2nd interview where he didnt get paid. Ended up working 10-15 hour days, mandatory weekends and getting shorted on his pay checks. And after I talked to my mom more about it I realized this is one of those companies that sells random crap door to door to other businesses. Like the guy coming in to the store or office selling disney coloring books and crap. Soo I dont want to do that, so I will not be going to this "2nd interview". But I will certainly be googling before I apply for the next one.

In other news, I fell down the stairs yesterday while running out the door to do a doggy service. it was sooo not fun. I slip down the carpeted stairs and scuffed up my elbow and bruised up my thigh in a tame version of an injury I saw in "A League of Their Own". As far as crocheting goes, Im still working on Vivi's Hobbes, its slow going so it might not be given until she's here. But I have plenty of things ready for her Shower. Ill post pictures after the shower on the 9th.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Order your Craft Kitten Postcards now!

I just made a postcard on my Cafe Press store that has my "Here Fishy Fishy" pattern on the front of it. I think its cute. So tell your friends to order a bunch of them!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'd rather be raiding WOW.

Well, where shall I begin. Im looking for a 2nd job now. Pet sitting sounds fun, but with gas they way it is, Im spending half my weekly paycheck on gas. And I still can't pay my credit card bills. I did plan on starting to sell my patterns to stores soon, but I can't even send a brochure because I can't afford to have anything printed, including the brochures. I dont mean to whine, it's just frustrating. Hopefully I'll be able to get a secretary job or something like that, even a part-time one.

In crochet news Im still working on the Hobbes for Vivi. Its going ok, but my hands have been hurting lately so working with cotton on a E is a little hard. Im not sure what is up with this pain, its in my fingers and it just aches and hurts to bend them. Its worse at night and when I first wake up. First I thought it might be from painting, but I havent done that in awhile. Then I thought it might be from driving, because I have a bad habit especially on longer trips, of clenching the steering wheel. But my daily trips to Vail are over so Im not driving as much, and Ive been actively trying to relax my hands while driving. I dunno, its driving me nuts.

So what I've been doing alot of is WOW, World of Warcraft for the uninitiated. It amazes me how diverse the people who play are, and from all over. One of the guys I play with alot is from Australia. He's wacky and says things like "Grouse", which means something like great or cool. And then theres a couple in Delaware that is sooo sweet. Then the annoying guy from the Caribbean that just got tossed from my guild for being mean to some of the other guildies. For those of you who know, I have a lvl 70 Human Mage named Wylow on the Cenarion Circle server. I just got my key to Karazhan the other day, after MANY many tries at Black Morass. I can't wait to start doing Kara runs with the guild. Here's me in my new Murloco's Tacos t-shirt.