Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Alive!

No really, Im still here. I'm just lazy and havent bothered to update here. For the last month I've had pet sitting gigs everyday. One of them was in Vail so I wasnt getting home until 7pm on weekdays, so usually I'd get home eat and go to bed. It was scary for a bit because I would be so tired driving out there that I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the wheel. The last day of that service I was so tired that the whole way there I felt like I was in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie and I was slapping my face trying to stay awake. But I have a month free of services so now Im trying to rest up. I'm counting down the minutes to our Annual Tahoe trip. It will be my niece Vivian's 1st birthday on the 29th, so that will be fun.

The past few days have been hotter than hell, I think it's been worse because the humidity is rising. Monsoon season should be starting soon and Im not really looking forward to it. Yesterday was so hot I had to turn my computer off because it was making my room hotter. I'm hoping that Bob will be able to finish my room soon. Tho the biggest problem, the complete lack of insulation (well there is 1 inch), will have to wait till I have money again so I can pay for it. Once that is fixed I hope that will take care of the heat and noise problem up there.

In WoW news I got my warlock her Dreadsteed. The lovely people in the Ravelry guild helped me out a lot with it. I always heard what a pain getting that thing is but it really wasnt too bad. I would have liked to get more playtime in this weekend but the heat just wouldnt let me. Maybe someday I'll find a way to keep my computer from getting so damn hot.

Last week I started working on my website again. With Ravelry able to handle all the sales, I should be able to make it work easily. Hopefully I'll be able to have it up by the end of the week. If any of you are crocheters you can see 3 of my patterns in the newest Crochet Pattern a Day 2009 Calendar that should be out soon. My Octopus Cat toy is even on Halloween!