Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If you dont have anything nice to say...

Well sorry I haven't posted but nothing good has really happened. I finally picked out a bed I liked, and the dummy people never bothered to call us and tell us it was in. And I ordered a mattress from Sears and the dumb dumb lady who didn't normally work in that department ordered me a clearance mattress that isn't in stock and may never be.. Nobody bothered to say anything except to call 3 times to confirm the delivery and then not show up. Only after calling later that night did we learn that the warehouse had canceled the delivery until next Friday. I was very angry so I let Mom and Bob go to Sears the next day and complain. Seeing as we had just bought a HDTV, washer and dryer and having Sears install new AC and Heat, Bob was able to make them fix the problem. Unfortunately we had to order another mattress and still wait for it to be delivered Friday. But at least this one is in stock and WILL be delivered. But still it was very frustrating. Today they finished installing the new AC/Heat. I think it was the ONLY time Ive seen workers actually clean up after themselves. Like they actually vacuumed up they're mess and put the furniture back and everything. But I'm glad its done, because having 6 cats locked in your room from 7am-3pm is not so much fun, especially when you normally sleep until 12. I had a phone interview today with an insurance company that isn't liked by cavemen. It could be a good job, benefits, decent wage. But its a tad strict sounding. During training which will last 7-9 weeks, you are expected to be there 100% of the time, no exceptions. Not that I plan on playing hookie or anything, but I get sick sometimes and when I get sick, it ain't pretty. I really want a job where I'm allowed to be sick, where they don't expect me to come in when I'm oozing nastiness or burning with fever. I've had plenty of those kind of jobs, I'd like to think I can graduate from that. Well back to fun with kitties...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Most recent freakout

Well, DeDe managed to give me my latest scare.. Last night I couldnt sleep so I was watching some random thing at 2am, with her on one side of me and Oreo on the other. I was petting DeDe when I felt something funny on her leg. It was a big lump. I checked her other leg in case it was something that was supposed to be there and there was nothing on the other side. So I jumped up grabbing her and ran downstairs to my mom to get her opinion, all the while freaking out and near tears. She said we could call the vet that my aunt Leslie knows in the morning. So I go back upstairs and cuddle with her, scared and angry.. Then my mom comes back up and says, "They did just all get their shots. Didnt one of them have a reaction to shots before?" They did... It was DeDe on her last round of shots and I freaked out then too. Hopefully by writing this here I'll remember next time and save myself some adreneline.

In other news, Im still looking for a job. I have my resume on like 3 different job sites, and Ive applied to like 10 different things so far. I got a call yesterday for some interview thingie, but since it was on my cell phone while we were in the car shopping for a new bed, I didnt hear what it was really for. Somthing about insurance and seniors. They emailed me the particulars, and when I read it I knew it just was a bad idea. Essentially it was a Life insurance company that specializes in selling to seniors. That just sounded like some creepy place that takes advantage of senile old grandmas and steals their money.. So I didnt go. I know beggars can't be choosers but I just couldnt do it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Big Move

Well its been a fun 10 days... We left San Jose last Monday around 5pm. With our cars loaded so much we could hardly fit ourselves in there. Bob was also towing a U-haul. So we could only go about 45mph. Needless to say we didnt get far. We stopped in Buttonwillow about 11pm. The Kitties were ok, we drugged them..

I had Gato & DeDe, they slept the entire time. The next day was even more fun, not only did we hit the traffic of LA but it was raining and foggy and full of accidents. So instead of going 45mph we were going 10 if we were lucky. So we got to Palm Springs. DeDe it seems go accustomed to things..

Here she is on her own bed in the Motel 6 room. We then drove the rest of the way to our new home.

This is our front door.
Our first night at home, my mom and I went to the bar & grill restaurant we found when we were up here looking for houses. Its called "Chuy's Mesquite grill" Its fun, good music and the best grilled zucchini ever. This is their Chandelier..

How fun is that?

Yesterday, my aunt Leslie took me and my Mom to the Gem & Rock show.(when my mom asked if I wanted to go I totally thought she was talking about Jem the Truly Outrageous)It's suppoed to be the largest in the world. There was every kind of bead, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, geodes and everything you could imagine. And all at wholesale prices. I got this for only 80$

It's as big as my hand spread wide, and pretty heavy. At a store this would cost 250$ easy. Next year Im saving up so I can get a bigger one.

The kitties are very happy here. No more nervousness and they have so much room that they arent crowded together. Riker hasnt been pissy, and Oreo hasnt even looked nasty at DeDe once. I can't wait till everything is more together. I need to buy a new bed. I want a Queen Size now, and I need a new desk and all this other stuff.. But for now everything is good.. =)